The IAVM Leadership Development/Nominating Committee is seeking candidates who are well-versed in all areas of venue management, invested in their own professional growth and the growth of others, are dedicated to the advancement of the venue industry as a whole and have the demonstrated ability to lead the Association.

The nomination process has changed and is now member initiated. Please take a few minutes to review the criteria for selection to determine your eligibility as a candidate, and then complete and submit an application form by November 16 annually if you wish to be considered.

The 2nd Vice Chair appointment is a senior officer position with a four (4) year term including the role of 1st Vice Chair, Chair, and immediate Past Chair, before leaving the board.  As a reminder, just as IAVM has evolved as an association so has the role and responsibility of leadership. Travel commitments have been reduced as sector meetings and VenueConnect come together in one location. What once was a great deal of hands on operational aspects has become a role focused on overarching goals for the association, strategic review of our results policies i.e. "what do our members gain by being a member" and ensuring our CEO has the clear direction needed for our association to succeed.


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