Kerry Painter, CVE; CEM; CMP - CHAIR
Lynn Flanders,
Mark Gnatovic,
Matthew Hollander, CVE
Laura Lenhart, CVE
Michael Marion, CVE
Andrea Smalls,
Clement (C.J.) Steigmeyer, CPA, CVE

Purpose: to serve as an independent and objective party to ensure fiscal responsibility and promote continuous improvement of and adherence to policies, procedures and practices for accountability, transparency and integrity.


  • Recommend the selection of the external auditor, periodically reviewing the auditor’s performance and recommending either renewal or replacement as deemed prudent and/or necessary;
  • Develop an incentive compensation and benefits plan for the CEO, informed by an independent counsel who updates comparative market information and trends, and recommend the philosophy/strategy and program to the Board of Directors;
  • Serve as the liaison between the auditor, CEO and Executive Committee;
  • Meet with the external auditor in an executive session without management present, at least once per year, to discuss the organization’s internal controls, and the fullness and accuracy of the organization’s financial statements;
  • Meet with the external auditor and management at least annually to review the scope of the proposed financial audit for the current year, procedures to be used, particular areas of risk or scrutiny, and appropriate fees;
  • Review annual financial statements and other financial information submitted to the Board; review financials at least quarterly and report to the Executive Committee.
  • Review the results of the annual audit and present it with the external auditor to the Executive Committee;
  • Review the external auditor’s annual management letter regarding internal controls, recommendations for improvements, and management’s corrective action plans;
  • Monitor management’s implementation of corrective action plans;
  • Review, with organization’s designated counsel, any legal matter that could have significant impact on the organization’s financial statement.


Membership: (positions 4 – 7 filled by members in good standing; consider CFO or CPA)

  • Chair:  Second Vice-Chair of the Board
  • Board Member
  • Member at large
  • Member at large
  • Member at large
  • Member at large
  • Member at large


Reporting schedule:  quarterly to the Executive Committee

Term:  one year with renewal and appointment at VenueConnect

Authority over resources:  reasonable staff and logistical support



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