The College Partnership Program is designed to connect institutions of higher learning with venue managers in their community to combine in-class learning with real life experiences and examples. The program assists professors with heightening their curriculum, by inviting IAVM members into classrooms to share their experiences with students. Participants will be members who teach classes as adjunct staff, offer tours of their venues for additional insight about the industry, or individuals that want to inspire future leaders in the venue management industry.

How It Works

The IAVM Young Professionals Committee will identify Faculty members who teach a program that features venue or sports management, etc. and connect them with industry veterans or recent graduates to participate in the program. Members from any category of membership can participate as a presenter in the classroom and share expertise based on subject matter to provide relevant and practical information.
Members will provide a unique perspective that can highlight the benefits of choosing a career in venue management. Life-long connections with these volunteers/mentors will be invaluable.

Program Goals

  • Be the first step of contact between universities and venue professionals who offer Sport Management or similar programs
  • Improve IAVM awareness through classroom visits
  • Increase the number of new student members annually who want to pursue a career in venue management
  • Facilitate introduction into the Job Shadowing Program, Foundation Scholarships, Internships, and other student programs


  • Sets a higher standard in classroom education by introducing practical real-world experiences into the learning environment
  • Facilitates recruitment of student members and future young professionals
  • Furthers cooperation between professional members, participating universities, and IAVM
  • Provides practical advice to aspiring young members to assist them in making key contacts and career choices

Program Brochure

Download the full program brochure for more information.

Thank you to our global partners.