The Certified Venue Professional (CVP) program was launched in 2015 by IAVM to recognize the competence of middle to senior level managers of public assembly venues as well as assist in creating a professional development road map.

The CVP designation says three important things about an individual: he or she is a capable professional, is committed to the industry, and is pledged to continued professional growth and development.  Venue professionals who earn the CVP designation are recognized, by those inside and outside the industry, as skilled in their profession.

The basic purpose of the voluntary certification program is to provide additional incentive for professional improvement in the public assembly venue management industry, to assure recognition for those who attain certain specific standards, and can lead toward the attainment of the Certified Venue Executive (CVE) designation.

Program Information


How do I become a CVP?

IAVM staff and venue industry professionals worked with an outside consultancy firm to develop best practices and a body of knowledge that informs an individual seeking to earn the CVP. Read about the Competency Standards for the Certified Venue Professional

Our online checklist is a great starting place for young professionals to assess the progress toward the 100 points needed from accumulative industry professional development, service and experience. Preparation for the CVP typically requires 3 – 5 years’ industry experience and involvement in the association.  

You may also review the CVP Information packet to determine professional development and activities that will count toward your 100 points. Once you have determined that you have the necessary points to apply for the CVP, there are three steps to complete.



Prerequisite for applying: The applicant must have a minimum of three (3) years’ experience in the mid-level to senior level of management at a public assembly venue or an industry-related supplier of products or services.

  • Submit completed application and payment to IAVM HQ.
    • Application fee is US$125 (US$195 non-member of IAVM).  A credit card payment or check, made payable to the International Association of Venue Managers, must accompany the application.  This fee is non-refundable. 
  • Sign and submit IAVM Code of Ethics.
  • Submit three (3) professional references, using the Professional Reference Form template. Completed forms must be submitted with application and payment.


Application is reviewed by IAVM Certification Board.


Candidates are invited by the IAVM Certification Board to sit for the examination once references are successfully completed, reviewed and approved. 

  • Examination fee of US$395 (US$545 for non-members of IAVM) is due once the examination date has been confirmed.
  • The multiple-choice examination is comprised of 150 questions that cover basic knowledge of the operations of public assembly venues (e.g., arenas, stadiums, convention centers, performing arts venues, etc.).
  • Examinations are administered/proctored during IAVM’s conferences/meetings (AVSS, GuestX, Senior Executive Symposium, Venue Management School, VenueConnect).
  • Candidates need to submit their preferred examination date in a written request to IAVM Headquarters at least forty-five (45) days prior.
  • Once examinations have been administered, the candidate will be notified by IAVM of the final score within 75 days. All new CVPs will be recognized annually during IAVM’s VenueConnect.
  • Candidates who fail the examination are allowed to retake the examination within 12-months of receipt of their scores by submitting a written request to IAVM Headquarters forty-five (45) days prior.
  • Candidates who fail the examination two (2) times will be required to submit a new application, fees, and meet all eligibility requirements in effect at the time of the application.


CVP Candidates are allowed two (2) years from application submission date to complete the CVP process.  If candidate is unable to complete within two (2) years, the candidate must submit a new application, fees, and meet all eligibility requirements in effect at the time of application.

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