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IAVM Membership Makes A Perfect Gift For Friends, Employees, Interns, or Students.

As a member of IAVM, you know all about the inspiration, expertise, and lifelong connections that the association provides. Now is the perfect opportunity to share the wealth of endless opportunities with your colleagues. This is a fabulous present for someone deserving. No shipping required with the Gift of IAVM Membershipjust a few minutes of your time is needed to sign up online

Give the Gift Today

Member Services will provide the recipient with the link for the appropriate membership application. We will contact you, the sponsor, for payment. After one year, once they experience firsthand what IAVM has to offer, they may renew their membership.

Your chosen recipient now has the chance to connect to the industry's professional core, plug into its powerful network, be enlightened by visionaries, and be inspired by once-in-a-lifetime experiences. 

Questions?  Email the IAVM Membership Department, or give us a call at 972-906-7441.


Thank you to our global partners.