Our Governing Policies will enable the IAVM governing board to effectively lead, direct, inspire and control the outcomes and operations of the association through a set of very carefully crafted policy statements and our effective monitoring of them. The policies are grouped into four categories, each serving a distinct purpose. The four categories are:

RESULTS:   These are our statements of outcomes for ALL members in the International Association of Venue Managers. The Results policies become the CEO’s and the organization’s performance targets and form the basis for judging organizational and CEO performance.                                        

OPERATIONAL EXPECTATIONS: These policies define both the nonnegotiable expectations and the clear boundaries within which the CEO and staff must operate. They articulate the actions and decisions the board would find either absolutely necessary … or totally unacceptable.                     

GOVERNANCE PROCESS: We defined our own work and how it will be carried out. These policies clearly state the expectations the board has for individual and collective behavior.

BOARD-CEO DELEGATION:  We have defined in policy how authority is delegated by the Board to our point of connection – the CEO - and how the CEO’s performance will be evaluated.

Our Governing Policies offer a logical governing process for the IAVM Board.  We are committed to use them well in order to:

  • Eliminate confusion between board and CEO roles;
  • Focus on the Results for our members;
  • Free the CEO and staff to do their jobs without the board's intrusion into day-to-day management decisions;
  • Attain more control over operational decisions in a manner that retains the board’s role at the governance level.


Download the IAVM Policy Manual

Review the Built to Succeed: IAVM Governance 101 Webinar and audio Recording Link

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