Steve McIntyre

How did you get started in venue management?

I have been involved in Security for over twenty years and to be honest, this job was more of an opportunity than a plan.  I have done closed protection (body guardin) and site security and moved my way up to Executive Vice President of Operations  (which included the overiview of sales, marketing, stratigies Human resources and budgets) I was given the opportunity by now President Kerry Painter to assist during the construction phase for Camera location and placement.  Once the building was open and the job became available I was hired and the rest is history.

How did you get connected to IAVM?

Kerry Painter (President) is a member of IAVM and a strong supporter of security and protection of persons and property.  She believes in the great programs that are available by IAVM and appreciates that they are current and relevant to today’s ever changing industry.

Was there a specific moment or event that made you realize that this is what you wanted to do?

As a child I was raised with the constant reminder that honour, truth and your word were all that we could truly offer others.  Carrying a strong sense of right and wrong and always wanting to help led me into my career of Security and Firefighting.

Is there a specific person that has been instrumental in your career?

I wouldn’t say that there is one specific person but on the contrary several people.  From my parents and Wife, professors like Rick Gage, to Employers like Kerry Painter, to colleagues like Tammy Sweeny Law enforcement guidance from  John Clark and friends like Mark Mathews and Ed Lagace.  These folks each contribute a different segment of knowledge and personality that have helped me not only understand the security business, how to manage and treat my staff ,but how to be grey ( at the right times) in a security world that is perceived as strictly black and white

How have IAVM’s safety programs impacted the way you run your venue?

Absolutly they have.  I have been able to take what I have learned from the class and instructors along with other venue Mnagers in attendance and create a more comprehensive security stratigy program.  It has allowed me to see my venue from an outsiders point of few which allows me a more comprehensive understanding of my venue.  I also found that it gave me tools that allowed me to come back and explain and teach my venue staff in a manner that makes sense to them ( not venue staff understand security as those in the field do).

How do IAVM’s safety programs differ from other trainings you’ve attended?

What stood out as different are two main things.  1. Was the diversity of those attending, which I believe allows for greater growth and understanding of my personal knowledge and a great group of people that you can constantly contact and grow with.  The second difference, is the diversity of the instructors and their experiences.  This becomes most prevalent during group discussions and the one on ones that you have with them.. Their experiences, allow them to educate you in a manner that makes sense to you as opposed to generic text book readings.  It allows the grey in our industry to be accepted and welcomed but expalined and cautioned.

Which IAVM programs have you attended?

I have attended the two year Venue of Saftey and Security security program.

Which course do you feel is critical for a venue manager to attend?

At the risk of sounding like a paid advertisement, ALL of the two year program is critical to making a person a more educated and successful well rounded Security leader.

What was the one most important take-away/concept you got from IAVM’s Venue Safety Programs?

YOU ARE NOT ALONE nor is your security concerns isolated to just you.  Security is a North American concern (Global).  We share and learn from each other and IAVM is trying to create a best practice that protects our friends, family, guests and keeps our teams safe.  This is a course about the growth of an industry and those people within in it,  as opposed to a course of my way is best because the book says so.


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