Scott Carey  
David Daly, CVP - VICE CHAIR
Virgina Fairchild  
Tracy Hedrick                       
Dwight Johnson                      
Abbie Jo Lady                
Joyce Leveston, CVP, CMM       
David Lucier  
Jackson McLaughlin                
Donna Miller Brown, CVP - CHAIR
Steve Miller
Michael Roberts
Caitlin Sevener  
Andrew Shreve
Jenna Visram             
Justin Wilkerson  
David Lucier             



The committee facilitates implementation of the Mentor Connector program to provide Association members opportunities for learning experiences, networking, professional growth, and skill development through mentoring partnerships.  The program strives to enhance the value of Association membership and support other resources to educate and innovate public assembly venue management.


This is a management committee meaning it is constituted to meet regularly or on an “as needed” basis to provide content and input to staff to enable significant progress toward the Results Policies set by the Board of Directors.

  1. Chair
  2. Vice Chair
  3. A minimum of 6 professional or allied members to assist in the development of this project.


Volunteer Code of Conduct:

Be Considerate

You are working with others as a team so be considerate of how your actions or contribution affects your colleagues and the association as a whole.

Be Respectful

Treat other IAVM members, committee members and staff with respect in words, tone and action.

Be Available

Check your e-mails regularly and answer them promptly—even if it's "I'll get back to you."

Be Honest

Sometimes the hardest thing to say is "no" or admit you've forgotten to do something. Be honest with each other and yourself with regards to what you say and what you can realistically commit to do.


Volunteers are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of all proprietary or privileged information to which they are exposed while serving as a volunteer, whether this information involves a single staff, volunteer, client, or other person or involves overall association business. Failure to maintain confidentiality may result in termination of the volunteer's relationship with the committee or other corrective action.


Roles and Responsibilities of the Chair and Vice Chair:

  1. Chair – Responsible for ensuring the committee members are effectively engaged in order to achieve the mission. Develops agendas and chairs meetings. Submits reports to the President/CEO and/or staff upon request.
  2. Vice Chair- In absence of the chair, responsible for ensuring the committee members are effectively engaged in order to achieve the mission; develops agendas and chairs meetings; submits reports to the President/CEO and/or staff upon request.
  3. Chair (and/or Vice Chair) will actively seek input from committee members during regularly scheduled meetings and conference calls. Sometimes calling on quieter committee members is appropriate.
  4. Chair (and/or Vice Chair) will recruit and coordinate committee members and participant volunteers to represent the IAVM Mentor Program in the Mentor Connector booth at VenueConnect.
  5. Chair (and/or Vice Chair) will actively assign tasks to committee members as appropriate.


Roles and Responsibilities of Committee Members:

Collaborate with IAVM staff to -

  1. Work with staff in development and administration of the IAVM Mentor Program. 
  2. Nominate potential mentors, mentees and coaches for selection.
  3. Work with IAVM staff to develop and participate on smaller sub-committees, as needed, to address a specific need.
  4. Advocate for the program including provide information on mentoring for the IAVM Newsletter and / or online blogs.
  5. Participate in meetings via audio conference calls (assisted by HQ) as requested by IAVM President/CEO and/or staff. Each individual committee member should participate in 80% of the organized calls.
  6. Each individual committee member is encouraged to write one or more blog post(s) which includes responding to discussions, champion mentoring, write articles/content for FM Magazine, participate as thought leaders in the YP Google Hangout.
  7. Individual committee members will be evaluated by the Chair as to attendance, participation and handling of assignments. This information will be reviewed by IAVM President & CEO to assess future volunteer leadership roles.
  8. Each individual committee / volunteer member will support JustOne, the annual leadership membership drive, by recruiting one new member.
  9. Participate in the Mentor Connector informational webinar hosted by committee members for applicants and prospective participants.
  10.  Meet agreed upon deadlines.


Roles and Responsibilities of Staff:

Collaborate with committee volunteers to -

  1. Develop, monitor and achieve budget goals.
  2. Manage all logistics and marketing.
  3. Meet agreed upon deadlines.
  4. Communicate with the mentors, mentees and coaches throughout the process. 
  5. Other:
  • Participate on all conference calls and/or meetings.
  • Provide minutes to the committee chair within ten (10) business days of each conference call/meeting, for distribution to the entire committee within twenty (20) business days.



Thank you to our global partners.