This Public Assembly Facilities Recovery Guide is written guidance designed to help venues make reasonable decisions as it relates to the health and safety of all venue occupants. IAVM has conducted extensive research to provide recommendations that are advisory in nature, informational in content, and intended to assist venues in providing safe and healthy workplaces. This guide is not designed to circumvent government guidance. As the pandemic continues to evolve rapidly, the Reopen and Recovery Taskforce continues to monitor and evaluate scenarios that impact our members. This written guide serves as a working document that should remain flexible and be adapted for each venue’s specific reopening needs.

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Reopen and Recovery Taskforce

IAVM established a Reopen and Recovery Taskforce to develop and provide written guidance, education, and training opportunities that will enable venue managers to prepare, respond, recover, and restore their venues to safe and operable event spaces. This taskforce is comprised of industry leadership from all venue types and influential allied organizations.

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