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March 25, 2020

Atlanta Chapter Meeting - Fox Theatre - Atlanta, GA - Postponed

April 13-14, 2020

Carolinas Chapter Meeting - Blumenthal Performing Arts Center - Charlotte, NC - Postponed

September 20, 2019

Florida Chapter Meeting - Osceola Heritage Park - Kissimmee, FL - Agenda - Register

September 19, 2019

Chapter Meeting - Lake Terrace Convention Center - Hattiesburg, MS - Agenda - Register

July 12, 2019

Atlanta Chapter Meeting - Sandy Springs Performing Arts Center - Sandy Springs, GA - Additional Information

January 28, 2019

Mid-South Chapter Meeting - Landers Center - Southhaven, Mississippi

August 20, 2018

Virginia Chapter Meeting - Virginia Beach, Virginia - Full Details

October 27, 2016

Chapter Meeting - Huntsville Area, Alabama - Full Details

June 3, 2016

Central Florida Chapter Meeting - Florida – Full Details




Creating opportunities for professional development and networking is so important for our emerging leaders. Take a moment to think about whether your venue might be able to host or partner with another facility in your state to create a Chapter Meeting.

Expanding the knowledge and relationship base within our Region will help us to create the leaders of tomorrow. Chapter Meetings are a great way to accomplish these things in a fun and cost effective way.

If you have any questions about creating a Chapter Meeting, please contact Robert Rose, Region 5 Chapter Planning Committee Chair.  

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