Venue Operations Summit 2022 is Going Virtual!

Assuring your venue or facility is properly equipped to manage events post crisis is essential to event risk management.  The International Association of Venue Managers is proud to present the Venue Operations Summit.  Venue Operations Summit is the premier industry conference for public assembly facility operations and engineering professionals. Past topics have included leadership, risk management, housekeeping, vertical transportation maintenance, electrical system management, venue-specific Town Halls, life safety, and much more. Regardless of venue type, attendees can be assured of a program that will provide actionable information to assist them in their facility responsibilities along with very valuable networking opportunities.

As our industry continues to recover from the effects of the pandemic, our facilities face a variety of challenges including labor shortages, budget restrictions, travel restrictions etc. Our goal with our live events is to always provide a robust and engaging educational and networking experience to our participants. We have heard from many venues that they are unable to attend off-site events, such as Venue Operations Summit. Understanding that this conference is the only professional development opportunity currently available in our industry for Engineering and Operations professionals, we have chosen to move to a virtual format this year to reach more of our members who need this training. More information regarding this one-of-a-kind virtual experience will be posted soon!



Thank you to our global partners.